90 Regent Road Sea Point Cape Town

021 439 2144

Open daily 12:30PM – 10:30PM


10% gratuity will be added* to tables of six or more

*Gratuity remains optional and is fully at the discretion of the customer.

*V = vegetarian ● some dishes may contain nuts ● please notify us if you have any food allergies

All prices in ZAR


Olives, capers & feta 35

calamata olives, brined capers, Danish feta *V

Quattro bruschetta 40

garlic-rubbed toasted bread crostinis topped with fresh tomato, onion & basil salsa *V

Focaccia 40

stone-baked low-gluten crispy pizza bread with garlic, olive oil, herbs*V


Summer gazpacho 85

chilled soup home made from slow-cooked ripe Italian tomatoes with cucumber,

basil and Italian water-buffalo mozzarella *V

Springbok carpaccio 100

smoked Karoo farm springbok carpaccio, rocket, extra-virgin olive oil, aged Parmesan

Antipasto platter 100

24 months aged Parma ham, salami, Italian & local cheeses, pickled artichokes, brined capers,

calamata olives, sundried tomatoes

Caprese 100

Italian water-buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil, extra-virgin olive oil, home made basil pesto *V


Garden salad 55

mixed leaves, cucumber, romanita tomatoes, onion, celery, mushrooms, carrot,

green peppers, balsamic, extra-virgin olive oil *V

Greek salad 60

mixed leaves, Danish feta, onion, cucumber, romanita tomatoes,

calamata olives, balsamic, extra-virgin olive oil *V

Italian salad 80

mixed leaves, Italian water-buffalo mozzarella, onion, cucumber, romanita tomatoes,

calamata olives, balsamic, extra-virgin olive oil *V

Lady Anne’s salad 80

mixed leaves, fresh pear, gorgonzola, walnuts, home-made maple dressing *V

Deli salad 80

mixed leaves, pickled artichokes, calamata olives, Danish feta, sundried tomatoes,

home-made basil pesto, balsamic, extra-virgin olive oil *V

Chicken salad 90

mixed leaves, grilled free-range chicken, Danish feta, onion, cucumber, romanita tomatoes,

calamata olives, balsamic, extra-virgin olive oil

Hand made pasta

Hand made from low-gluten Italian “00” flour and locally sourced free-range eggs

Pasta choices: Tagliatelle or Tagliolini or Gnocchi (add 12) or Gluten Free Penne (add R20)


All our traditional Italian sauces are home-made from centuries old Italian recipes

medium / large

Napoletana 65 / 100

traditional Italian Napoletana with herbs and olive oil *V

Arrabiata 65 / 100

Napoletana, garlic, chillies, parsley *V

Pesto 85 / 120

home made basil pesto, romanita tomatoes, toasted almonds *V

Funghi 85 / 120

mushrooms, garlic, fresh cream, white wine, parsley, truffle oil *V

Carbonara 85 / 120

crispy bacon, free-range egg yolk, aged Parmesan, fresh cream, herbs

Bolognese 85 / 120

free-range beef slow-cooked with Napoletana, onion, celery, carrots, red wine

Amatriciana 85 / 120

crispy bacon, onion, garlic, chillies, parsley, Napoletana, red wine

Puttanesca 85 / 120

anchovies, calamata olives, capers, garlic, chillies, red wine, Napoletana

Alfredo 85 / 120

cooked ham or grilled bacon or grilled free-range chicken breast

with mushrooms, garlic, white wine, fresh cream


Lavish, in-house creations offering the ultimate Goloso experience

Pasta “Rolo” 85 / 120

hand made tagliatelle with mushrooms, grilled onion, garlic, chillies, extra-virgin olive oil *V

Goloso 105 / 140

hand made tagliolini, home made basil pesto, Napoletana, Italian water-buffalo mozzarella *V

Prosciutto funghi 105 / 140

hand made tagliatelle, 24 months aged Parma ham, mushrooms, garlic, cream, white wine, parsley

Salmonata trota 105 / 140

hand made tagliatelle, smoked Norwegian salmon, onion, dill, fresh cream

Medley di pesce 105 / 140

hand made tagliatelle, prawns, mussels, calamari rings, white wine,

garlic, parsley, Napoletana, fresh cream

King George 185 / 220

hand made tagliatelle, butter-grilled Namibian beef fillet (200g), grilled bacon, mushrooms,

garlic, fresh cream, 24 months aged Parmesan

Speciality & baked pasta

made daily in small batches to ensure freshness, may be sold out at times!

Ravioli 105

handmade pasta pockets filled with fresh ricotta cheese, spinach & garlic,

topped with “salsa aurora” (Napoletana, cream, brandy)*V

Canneloni 105

handmade pasta tubes filled with free range chicken, mushrooms & ricotta cheese,

topped with béchamel, Napoletana & Parmesan

Our very generous lasagne 105

handmade pasta sheets layered with béchamel, Bolognese, mozzarella and Parmesan

Slow-cooked stews

Hearty slow-cooked stews served on handmade tagliatelle

Ciambotta 95

traditional vegetable stew with zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and beans *V

Chicken cacciatora 100

free-range chicken on the bone slow-cooked with celery, carrots, white wine,

cannelini beans and tomatoes

Baby beef “ossobuco” 135

beef shin on the bone slow-braised with white wine, carrots and tomatoes,

topped with home made gremolata

Meat, poultry & fish

All items served with roast potato and seasonal vegetables

Elgin pork 125

barbecue & herb grilled free-range pork chops with carbonara sauce

Pollo al limón 125

free range chicken breast grilled with lemon juice, parsley, garlic & white wine

Mediterranean kingklip 155

fresh kingklip filleted & pan-grilled with lemon, extra-virgin olive oil & herbs

Karoo lamb 175

rosemary grilled Karoo lamb chops (3 x120g) with caper-cream sauce

Namibian beef fillet 175

butter-grilled whole Namibian beef fillet (200g) with creamy mushroom sauce

Filetto con gamberetti 225

butter-grilled whole Namibian beef fillet topped with de-shelled prawns and a creamy Parmesan sauce

grill items are prepared to order so may take a little longer

Stone baked pizza

Large size (32cm) thin-crust pizza hand made from low-gluten Italian “00” flour and

baked in our Italian stone pizza oven

Gluten-free base (made from rice flour) (not available as calzone) add 20

Calzone (pizza folded over, not possible with certain pizzas) add 15

Half & half (combine your two favourite pizzas onto one for the price of the more expensive pizza)


Based on pizza trends around the world, a few classics

and a few unusual ones

Margherita 69

Napoletana, mozzarella, herbs *V

Mushroom & white truffle 95

mushrooms, white truffle oil, mozzarella *V

Bologna 95

traditional homemade beef bolognese, mozzarella

Hawaiian 100

cooked ham, pineapple, mozzarella

Regina 100

cooked ham, mushrooms, mozzarella

Bacon & banana 105

grilled bacon, banana, mozzarella

Tivoli 105

slow roasted butternut, sautéed spinach, mozzarella, Danish feta*V

Pepperoni 115

pepperoni, Danish feta, mozzarella, chilli

Salami 120

salami, calamata olives, mozzarella, avocado*

Capricciosa 120

cooked ham, mushrooms, pickled artichokes, mozzarella

Californian 120

grilled bacon, Danish feta, mozzarella, avocado*

Lugano 125

pickled artichokes, calamata olives, mushrooms, mozzarella, avocado* *V

Vegetarian 135

mushrooms, red onion, tri-colore roasted peppers, calamata olives, mozzarella, fresh rocket *V

Five cheeses 135

mozzarella, fresh ricotta, gorgonzola, cream cheese, aged Parmesan *V

Chicken & mushroom 135

grilled free-range chicken breast, cream cheese, mushrooms, avocado*, mozzarella


Luxurious combinations created in-house by our team of artisan pizza makers

Mike’s Calzone” 125

cooked ham, mozzarella, mushrooms & truffle oil, folded over and served with a side of pomodoro

Fior di latte 140

imported Italian water-buffalo mozzarella “fior di latte”,slow- roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh basil*V

Diablo 150

Barbecue steak strips, cream cheese, peppadews, mozzarella

Quattro Italia (not available as half & half or calzone) 155

four quarters with the following toppings on each quarter:

Parma ham & artichokes

bacon & mushrooms

salami & onion

cooked ham, olives & avocado*

Summer in Italy 165

de-shelled prawns, grilled bacon, tri-colore roasted peppers, mozzarella, fresh rocket

Parma 165

24 months aged Parma ham, fresh rocket, mozzarella, aged Parmesan, truffle oil

Springbok & truffle 165

smoked Karoo farm springbok carpaccio, mozzarella, fresh rocket, aged Parmesan, truffle oil

Pizza di pesce 170

mozzarella, de-shelled prawns, mussels, calamari rings, avocado*

Carne Supreme 220

grilled barbecue steak strips, grilled bacon, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms,

cream cheese, barbecue sauce, avocado*, mozzarella

Extra toppings

(priced per topping)

garlic, chilli, white onion 10 ea

sautéed spinach, roast butternut, fresh basil, red onion, fresh green peppers 15 ea

avocado*, mushrooms, olives, pineapple, rocket, fresh tomato, banana,

fresh red peppers, fresh yellow peppers, white truffle oil 20 ea

mozzarella, ricotta, Danish feta, cream cheese, cooked ham, sun-dried tomato, pickled artichokes,

homemade basil pesto, peppadews, tri-colore pepper stew 25 ea

grilled free-range chicken breast, salami, crispy bacon, pepperoni, beef bolognese,

calamari rings, de-shelled mussels, anchovies, Parmesan shavings 30 ea

Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, de-shelled prawns, smoked Norwegian salmon,

smoked springbok carpaccio, barbecue steak strips 65 ea

*Avocado is seasonal and may be sold out at times

When not available you are welcome to substitute it with any other topping from the same category.

Please note our pizza oven is sometimes extremely busy, so any pizzas ordered may not arrive at the same time as the rest of your order.


Our desserts are made in limited quantities to ensure freshness,

therefore we may at times be sold out of certain desserts.

Tiramisu 40

imported Savoiardi biscuits drenched in Italian espresso, layered with whisked mascarpone & topped with cacao dust & roasted almonds

Panna cotta 40

vanilla panna cotta with home made berry coulis and fresh mint

Banana flambé* 50

fresh bananas slow-baked in butter & cane sugar, flamed in South African brandy and smothered with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

*Please allow 20 minutes preparation time.

Baked Chocolate* 50

home made chocolate pudding made from organic cacao, free-range eggs,

cane sugar and “00” flour, slow-baked, served with berry coulis & vanilla ice cream

*Please allow 20 minutes preparation time.

Lindani’s famous apple pie 50

homemade from ripe Granny Smith apples stewed with cinnamon & sugar,

baked in a “00” flour crust, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Trio Gelato 60

three scoops of home-made ice cream

made daily, 100% natural, no preservatives, gluten-free, egg-free, please enquire about todays flavours (individual scoops of ice cream 25 per scoop)

Liquid Desserts

Artisan creations by Italian Master Distiller Sandro Bottega

(per 25ml serving)

Antonella Grappa Originale 59

the purest Grappa made from single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon grapes

Bottega Limoncino 40

a delightful concentration of fresh lemons and Italian Grappa

Bottega Fior di Latte 40

smooth white chocolate blended with Italian Grappa

Bottega Gianduia 40

decadent sweet hazelnut, milk chocolate and Italian Grappa

We also serve delicious Hausbrandt Italian Coffee made with our Italian Espresso machine